The rp-ml archives from 1993 to 1995

These are the earliest articles to rp-ml from the time when André Dolenc originally set up the list in the CS Lab of Helsinki University of Technology. Unfortunately the original archives were lost, but most of the posts were salvaged from the email archives of Dr. Marshall Burns who has been an active member of the list from the beginning.

Dr. Burns' email archives were stored in the Ennex Knowledge Base, which is now part of the Fabbers Archive at the Pennsylvania State University. I'm very grateful to the university for their contribution to this archive. Now, it is complete!

Because the emails were not in their original format, but were stored in an Access database, it was not feasible to construct similar indexes as we have in the later archives. But again, thanks to Dr. Burns' efforts, there is a partial threaded index in addition to the simple chronological index. The archives are split by year and there is also a complete list of the posts from 1993 to 1995.

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Some notes about the contents of this archive:
See also the indices of posts for other years. and general information about the RP-ML