From: Yakov Horenstein (Schneider Prototyping GmbH), Curt Lang (Eos Systems Inc.)
Date: Monday, May 30, 1994

From: Yakov Horenstein (Schneider Prototyping GmbH), Curt Lang (Eos Systems  Inc.)
Date: Monday, May 30, 1994
     1994 05 30: Yakov posted to the RP-ML:
Subject: PhotoModeler
     I think that the following is of general enough interest to justify a posting to the list. It comes from Eos Systems Inc. of Vancouver, and I picked it up on a late night cruise through some newsgroups. IUve been having some trouble communicating with their email address, but maybe others will be luckier. This product could be a spikey competitor to laser scanners, if it works. 

<We have a program that produces 3D models from photographs.
<To make a 3D model of an object or scene, you take
<overlapping pairs of photos, digitize them, read them into
<our program, trace the features that you want in your model,
<and hit the *Solve* button.  After a few minutes an accurate
<xyz coordinate will be produced for every marked point.  You
<can export the models as 3D DXF and use them as control
<points for splines or as vertices for polygons or TINs.  It
<speeds up the process of modeling existing objects for CAD,
<rendering, animation or any 3D graphics use.  If anyone is
<interested I'll be happy to send details.

> === Curt Lang
> === Eos Systems Inc.
> === PhotoModeler: "photos in -- models out"
> === Tel: (604) 985-4794
> === Fax: (604) 980-4766
> === Internet:
> === Internet:
     Have a nice day everyone ;-)
Yakov Horenstein

     1994 06 22: Curt Lang posted to the RP-ML:
Subject: introduction
Andre Dolenc wrote:
>Can you send contact information (eg. address), and,
>perhaps, what are your interests in RP?

     RP is concerned with 3D output; I specialize in 3D input. In general, I am interested in conventions for representing three dimensional objects and surfaces and methods of automatically surveying and measuring objects so that they can be completely characterized in accurate 3D models.  I am interested in RP because people who are automating output may also be interested in automating input and I want to learn more about the field.
     Our company - Eos Systems - makes a Windows program called PhotoModeler that produces 3D coordinates from digitized photographs.  The coordinates can be exported as 3D DXF and imported into CAD software.  At the moment, the program is being used primarily by forensic engineers (who reconstruct crushed cars and automobile accident scenes) and by archaeologists (who measure and map everything they come in contact with!) <g>   Several of our customers are mechanical engineers who are experimenting with PhotoModeler for reverse engineering, where an existing part or a clay model needs to be copied and handed over to a CAD/CAM or FEM program.  This work is in an early stage but it looks like it is going to have useful results.
     I also started a company in 1987 called Range Vision Inc. that manufactures high precision range cameras (instruments that scan a light beam over a surface and produce dense manifolds of 3D coordinates.)  If anyone is interested please contact me and I will send more detailed information about PhotoModeler and the RVI range cameras, or, if it is acceptable to the moderator, I will post the information to the list.
=== Curt Lang, Eos Systems Inc.

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