RP News Group

From: Chuck Kirschman (Clemson University)
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 1994

From: Chuck Kirschman (Clemson  University)
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 1994
Subject: RP News Group
I, like most of you, try to follow several news groups.  The only problem
is that the number of articles is increasing while the information is
remaining a constant.  I have dropped several groups lately because it
takes to much time in the haystack to find the pin.

Mailing lists are different.  Everybody has to wade through all of the
postings, since they are in their mailbox.  Seldom do lists get spammed,
and most of the discussion is on-topic.  With the exception of the 
me-too message (ie this one) I've thoroughly enjoyed having this list.

If you really believe in a newsgroup, go ahead.  But keep the mailing list,
because the forum is much nicer.  I'm already at my newsgroup limit.


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