Injection molds

From: Yakov Horenstein (Electon)
Date: Wednesday, November 23, 1994

From: Yakov Horenstein (Electon)
Date: Wednesday, November 23, 1994
Subject: Injection molds
Greetings everyone,
For a RP service bureau in Italy, we need the following information
about methods and materials for producing cast resin thermoplastic 
injection moulds. If these are not industrial secrets post them here,
otherwise a private email message will be gratefully accepted. 

1)  Specifics of the method used
2)  Specifics on the materials, e.g. up to 90% metal filled epoxy resins
3)  Details of polyurethane casting resins with high deflective temps
e.g. > 100!C; >150!C; > 200!C
4)  Costs, with names and addresses of suppliers if possible

Thanks in advance.

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