Press on RP

From: Marshall Burns (Ennex Corporation)
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 1994

From: Marshall Burns (Ennex  Corporation)
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 1994
Subject: Press on RP
Hello everyone.
Andre Dolenc wrote:
     Wouldn't it be better, though, to first try the popular science magazines?

     On this subject, you might like to know that the January issue of Scientific American has a review of the book, "Automated Fabrication". It seems pretty balanced, although the language seems a bit flowery. The review, as does the book, discusses subtractive and additive processes equally. I'm not sure if the review will be in all of the international editions. Perhaps some people could let me know if it appears in their countries/languages.

[Deleted from transmission:]
     By the way, this review, like most popular articles, is not perfectly accurate. We have to be patient with the popular press, and help them understand what we are doing little by little, until the picture becomes clear to the general public (a long time from now). Technical errors are inevitable from reporters and writers who research stories very quickly to meet deadlines. That's why everyone on this list should think about writing your own articles and submitting them to your national press and industry journals. There's nothing like getting the story from the people who are doing the actual work!

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