RP in the popular "literature"

From: André Dolenc (Helsinki University of Technology)
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 1994

From: André Dolenc (Helsinki University of Technology)
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 1994
Subject: RP in the popular "literature"
Dan Anderson writes:
 > Can you tell me the magazine and date of issue for the article on the skull?

The name is "Kauneus ja Terveys" Aug/1994 pp.72-74.
Please note that the article is written in fluent Finnish, a very obscure
language understood by a little over 5 million people.

Just to add value to the posting, a few comments about RP in medicine.
Here in Finland, a surgeon alone decides when use a medical model, he
puts the costs on the patient's bill, and the social security pays for it.
This makes it is easier to introduce new technologies like RPT in medical
practice in Finland.

In other countries, I am told, clinical trials are needed.
The medical community must prove that the models are absolutely necessary, ie.
that similar results are impossible to obtain otherwise.
Materialise, a Belgian company, is doing a great job in this respect.


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