CAD Idiosyncracies

From: David Flynn (Plynetics Express Corporation)
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 1994

From: David Flynn (Plynetics Express  Corporation)
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 1994
Subject: CAD Idiosyncracies
Hello Everyone:

Although I've been around Rapid Prototyping for ages, this is my first
posting to rp-ml. I'd like to start a discussion on a new topic. 

As an RP service bureau, Prototype Express has to deal with data from many
different CAD systems. As it is not possible for us to be experts in all CAD
systems being used to generate data for RP, we often face the problem of
trying to explain to a customer what we need without being able to tell them
how to get there. What is the mechanism, and what parameters must be
modified to generate an STL file with a specified chord-height tolerance in
Unigraphics? How do you go about creating an IGES file with only
trimmed-surfaces and no construction surfaces in Catia? Our main interests
are STL and IGES trimmed-surface models, but this discussion should include
any and all data formats being used for RP. 

We will compile the responses and make them available for general use and
validation. Let's hear from the users of Pro/E, I/DEAS, CV, UG, Catia,
AutoCad, Cadkey, Matra, Intergraph, etc.....

Dave Flynn
Prototype Express, Inc.

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