Re: optimal orientation

From: Georges Fadel (Clemson University)
Date: Saturday, December 17, 1994

From: Georges Fadel (Clemson  University)
Date: Saturday, December 17, 1994
Subject: Re: optimal orientation
> From: Cheng Wei <>

> I just know this group interested in RP technology from my supervisor. Now I 
> am a research scholar of Dept. of Mechanical and Production Engineering,  
> National University of Singapore. My research project is the intelligent 
> determination of the optimal orientation for building the prototype. I 
> hope I can join this group and get the newest information as soon as 
> possible. Thank you!
> Merry Chrismas And Happy New Year!!
> Regards from Singapore  

Last June, Dietmar Frank and I published a paper at the Dayton conference
on optimal direction to build.  We used an expert system and considered
surface quality, build time, trapped volume as some of the major issues
in deciding how to build.  An article on the subject is also to appear soon
in the Journal of Intelligent Manufacture .

We also have some additional work on the subject going on right now 
under the supervision of Dr. Amit Bagchi at Clemson, and results should be
published very soon.

Regards, and best wishes to all for Christmas and the new Year.

Georges Fadel
Clemson University

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