Re: L.A. Times article

From: Marshall Burns (Ennex Corporation)
Date: Wednesday, December 28, 1994

From: Marshall Burns (Ennex  Corporation)
To: Brock Hinzmann (SRI  International)
Date: Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: Re: L.A. Times article
On 20 Dec 1994, Brock Hinzmann wrote:
> Not explained is why DTM would file a lawsuit
> against Soligen. 
     It's an interesting story, on which I don't yet have all the 
details. It appears that DTM bought the rights to an old patent by 
Hausholder who was experimenting with autofab of concrete using a rig 
that distributed water or other coagulant to certain regions of the dry 
mixture. Interpretted broadly, this patent may cover a variety of 
powder-based processes, including laser sintering and MIT's droplet 
deposition on a powder base. I actually got to talk to Hausholder once, 
which was a rare priviledge because he lives in Saudi Arabia these days!
     If anyone knows any more about this patent conflict, it would 
certainly be interesting cyber-material for this list. Come to think of 
it, comments on the 3D Systems-EOS case would also be interesting.

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