Slices files

From: Gill Barequet (Tel Aviv University)
Date: Wednesday, December 28, 1994

From: Gill Barequet (Tel Aviv  University)
Date: Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: Slices files
     During the past few years I was interested in *interpolation* between
successive (parallel) polygonal slices. The motivation was the (smooth)
reconstruction of human organ, then possibly producing 3d models of these
     We have developed an interpolation algorithm which attacks the general case,
where each slice contains any number of contours, in any containment
hierarchy (not limited in depth or breadth), without any assumptions on the
shapes of the contours or the similarities between successive slices.
     Our database contains ~30 examples of (sliced) human organs: brains, lungs,
jaw bones, hip bones, skulls, hearts, and many others. Mostly scanned by
CT's, MRI's; few scanned by other techniques. It can be reached via an
anonymous ftp to, sub-dir pub/barequet/medical.
     We are interested in any contribution you can possibly make to our database.
Any such contribution will be added to the database and will be publically
available (with the appropriate acknowledgment, of course). Thanks.
Marry Christmas,

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