What's in a Name? II

From: André Dolenc (Helsinki University of Technology)
Date: Wednesday, January 4, 1995

From: André Dolenc (Helsinki University of Technology)
Date: Wednesday, January 4, 1995
Subject: What's in a Name? II
Yakov Horenstein writes:
 > 1) From Brock's very helpful & interesting information it looks as though 
 > some smart journalist, looking for a jazzy headline, originally came up 
 > with the term Rapid Prototyping. That's fine. My question is, are we all 
 > happy about having adopted some sub-editor's idea for attracting attention 
 > as an appropriate name for a serious technology?

In the last EARP Newsletter, on the back page, we gave the opportunity
for readers to vote for the term they prefer for this technology.
I got 5 responses, and they all had different answers. I reached two

1. Most people don't care about the name, or don't think we've got a problem.
   Otherwise, I would have got more responses.
2. We will still see many names around besides RP for some time to come.

 > 2) I would like to ask all those who request info from this list to post 
 > summaries of any private mailings they get, and to all those who respond 
 > to an info request, to do so through rp-ml and not privately. Obviously this 
 > refers only to info of public interest.

Several times already individuals posted messages requesting information
and never posted back a summary of the results as promissed in the original
posting. This is against the policies of this mailing list.

Beware: henceforth, I will be storing such messages.

 > 3) As I am also looking for news of RP related events I would appreciate 
 > getting this information too.

The next European RP Conference will take place in Italy.
(We see a Happy Yakov?)


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