What's in a name? III

From: Jon Hunwick (Delcam International PLC)
Date: Thursday, January 5, 1995

From: Jon Hunwick (Delcam  International PLC)
Date: Thursday, January 5, 1995
Subject: What's in a name? III
Andre Dolenc writes
 > My inclination is to use a trade-off, namely Fast Freeform Fabrication.
 > "Fast" is more catchy, and the whole expression can be abbreviated
 > to F^3
     The CARP consortium settled on this term at the beginning of the
project, as it describes all the technologies quite well. We tend to
refer to it as 4F (pronounced four-eff) which is easier to say than
F^3 (which I can only assume is pronounced either
F-to-the-power-three, or F-cubed). By the way, we use four 'Fs' not
the 3 suggested by Andre - as it is Fast Free-Form Fabrication.
     Either way it is possibly rather academic what term is used (as long
as it is reasonably clear what is meant) as the most important thing
must be that the technology actually works (which it does). Of much
more concern is the technology needed to successfully 'feed' the
machines. I **hate** STL, as it imposes too much on the designer in
terms of ensuring that every last gap is filled in. Most designers do
not work this way, but rely on the good old fashioned skills of
pattern/mould makers to fix up a design so it can be made. 
Jon Hunwick

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