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From: Michael Ervin (DTM Corporation)
Date: Thursday, January 5, 1995

From: Michael Ervin (DTM  Corporation)
Date: Thursday, January 5, 1995
     Congratulations to Yakov.  You got this group talking again !
     I like Brock's idea of developing a technology road map.  If 
someone could propose a strawman to get it started it could be an 
interesting discussion.
     In a similar vein, a shared view of how customer applications and 
needs will evolve in this field could be interesting.  I'm not sure what 
the right forum would be but I am convinced that few of us know all the 
ways that SFF is being used or how that is changing.
     By the way - if you are going to vote, I prefer solid freeform 
Mike Ervin
DTM Corporation

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