Re: What's in a Name II

From: Brock Hinzmann (SRI International)
Date: Friday, January 6, 1995

From: Brock Hinzmann (SRI  International)
To: Bronson Hokuf (E. I. du Pont  de Nemours and Company), RP-ML
Date: Friday, January 6, 1995
Subject: Re: What's in a Name II
     Solid Imaging, as in use by Du Pont, might have been a nice term a few years
ago, except that in this industry, we now also use the term solid modeling, a
CAD term, which referes to a virtual object, rather than a physical one. I
tried the term solid imaging out on a couple of my staff who didn't know why I
was asking and had never heard of SOMOS. They thought first of a holographic
image or a 2-D display of a 3-D object. The problem is, people put the accent
on the Imaging, rather than on the Solid. In other words, they think of an
image of a solid, rather than a solid replication of an image. But I'll write
down your vote.

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