Re: The Name Game

From: Yakov Horenstein (Electon)
Date: Saturday, January 7, 1995

From: Yakov Horenstein (Electon)
To: Rick Lott (Hughes  Aircraft Company)
Date: Saturday, January 7, 1995
Subject: Re: The Name Game
>      I also don't care for any term with "rapid" of "fast" in it because 
>      then my customers expect parts to be delivered the day before the job 
>      is submitted.

This is exactly the same problem I am having. It causes a lot of
unecessary aggravation on everyone.

>      I do favor Free Form Manufacturing because it is very inclusive, and 
>      FFM sounds better than FFF (Free Form Fabrication).
I like FFM too. Mark it down for me please, Brock.


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