Re: What's in a Name? II

From: Chuck Kirschman (Clemson University)
Date: Saturday, January 7, 1995

From: Chuck Kirschman (Clemson  University)
Date: Saturday, January 7, 1995
Subject: Re: What's in a Name? II
> If we're taking a vote on the name, here are my choices
> Light Sculpting
     Light Sculpting??  There are several technologies that don't use light
for anything, except maybe to flash that the process is done (Stratasys,
Soligen*).  3D may not have TM'd Stereolithography, but they probably would
if the rest of us pushed to make it the industry name.  How many people
still use "Xeorox machine" vs "copier"?  It simply faded away.
     I understand that if this group set on a new name, and we all agreed to
use it whenever possible, it would probably take hold and grow.  And
since RP is only good for the marketing department, I'll jump no the band 
wagon.  But then, where will we mail our group messages to?  ffff-ml@... ?
And would we still suscribe to the ffm-report?  And is there any one
name that can cover all of these technologies without being so vague as
to be useless?
     Well, my vote is Solid Freeform Fabrication - I like the way SFF sounds.

* - I know soligen uses light in its jet circuit to know when to fire
and ensure performance, but it doesn't really have much to do with the

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