From: Rick Lott (Hughes Aircraft Company)
Date: Thursday, January 19, 1995

From: Rick Lott (Hughes  Aircraft Company)
Date: Thursday, January 19, 1995
Subject: Wishes
     Some items from last year's wish list that I STILL would like to see 
     (isn't a year a long time for anyone to respond?):
     1.  This one received many mentions:  To be able to update an object 
     transformation without going through SAVBE, CLEAR, LOAD.
     2.  Software ported for the Sun workstation.
     3.  A user-serviceable recoater blade for the SLA250.
     4.  To be able to split an .STL file with workstation software.
     5.  A build platform grid display on the view program to aid in part 
     6.  3-D Systems on Internet -- especially since they no longer support 
     their bulletin board.
     7.  An adjusted price on service agreements that reflects the advanced 
     reliability of the equipment.
     8.  A matrix of all available resins and their physical attributes -- 
     in standard units of measurement.
     9.  A reservoir that would automate resin repleneshment.
     10.  A list of "experts" at 3-D and their phone numbers so they could 
     be called directly.
     11.  I wish PartMan would recoginize a support file by the "_s.stl" 
     designation and plug in a default support parm.
     And some more new wishes:
     1.  I wish I could find a reasonably priced solvent tank that meets 
     southern California's air polution standards.
     2.  I wish 3-D would quit sending my stuff to the wrong address.
     3.  User group proceedings on-line (for those of us who can't attend).
     4.  To be able to remove "hidden lines" when viewing a .STL file so 
     near-facing surface triangles can be examined.
     5.  To be able to edit the recoat parms at the control computer (vs. 
     rewriting the entire string).
     6.  More technical bullitens from 3-D's technical staff that are not 
     written by marketing.
     7.  I wish that PartMan would automatically load "_s.stl" files first.
     8.  I wish when I called 3-D technical support I could talk to a 
     technician right away instead of having to leave my name and phone 
     number for someone to call back an hour or two later.
     9.  I wish I got fewer "I don't know" answers from technical support.
     10.  I wish it was easier to clean out the bottom of the SLA250 
     11.  I wish I had someone to clean part for me (oh well, it's only 

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