Re: Wishes

From: Dick Newton (Ford Motor Company)
Date: Friday, January 20, 1995

From: Dick Newton (Ford  Motor Company)
To: Rick Lott (Hughes  Aircraft Company)
Date: Friday, January 20, 1995
Subject: Re: Wishes
>  Sure, ok, sounds good.  All the above.  Why not?  A simple cutting 
>  plane would be a good start, but to be able to isolate 
>  non-intersecting solids would be real good too.
     You can use 3dverify to seperate a single STL file into separate shells.
      3dverify -fix T -unit mm -stl your_file.stl -vtl name_out#.stl b
this will produce a number of separate stl files with each individual
shell (separate volume enclosed by triangles) in a seperate file. The
names will be name_out1.stl name_out2.stl name_out3.stl .... If you
have multiple shells in one stl file. 
     It should be simple to View any intersecting shells and combine them. 
Leaving you with each of the separate solids.
     Spliting a STL file with a plane is another matter. Imageware's RPM
module can do this to an stl file. That's not to say that 3D shouldn't
be able to do it also!

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