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From: John German (
Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 21:54:43 EET

John Beilman wrote:

>Any input on a suggested method of rapid tooling (inj. molds)that
> would satisfy the following needs would be appreciated. This tooling
> would be for sunglass frames. The lens grooves would be created by
> handloaded inserts.
> I have succesfully used aluminum tooling that has been CNC-ed but I
> would be interested in something with a shorter lead time. I do know
> about Keltool and Simeon Bojilov's powdered metal process.
> Rapid Tooling Requirements (in order of importance):
> -able to last for 1000 shots using Nylon
> -conducive to free-form parting lines (non-planar)
> -available in 5 weeks or less
> -able to have inserts, cores and ejector pins added easily

Hello John,

My name is John German and I am a representative of the Ralph S. Alberts
Company. I read your statement and believe that we may have something that
may interest you. Our company specializes in epoxy composite tooling, and I
believe we can meet all the requirements that you are asking. On average, we
can turn tools around in anywhere from 3-4 weeks and the 1,000 parts out of
nylon is not a problem for us to mold. We have molded everything from
glass-filled nylon to ABS in our molds and they seem to hold up pretty well.
All we would need is an STL file of a part you would like make and we would
be happy to send you a quote. I do believe you will be very happy in our
prices as well.

We have the latest version of SolidView and use that mostly for quoting
purposes, then we take the STL file and have a vendor make a SLA model with
the appropriate shrink added for the plastic. From that we build our molds
using an epoxy composite. We specialize in unique parting lines, so that
would not be a problem for us either.

If you wish to see more information about our company, visit our website at:

We are located in Pennsylvania and have been successfully building epoxy
injection molds for well over 15 years now. Let me know if we can be of any
service to you.

Good luck on your quest,


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