Re: Selective Laser Sintering

From: Will Pattison (
Date: Mon Jan 12 1998 - 17:18:58 EET

Emil Marais wrote:
> Can somebody please tel me what other companies provide SLS machines.
> I have DTM, Soligen and EOS.
> I heard there was a fourth company but I cant find the companies name.
> Thanks

actually emil, dtm and eos are the only ones that provide selective
laser sintering technology, or anything even close. technically though,
dtm is the exclusive provider of sls, which is a patented technology
under a trademarked name. although the eos technology is similar, there
are, as you may know, some "patent issues". anyway, soligen uses a
liscense of mit's 3d printing technology to spray a binder into a
substrate of ceramic powder-quite different.

if you need more information, check out dtm's excellent web page at

will pattison
mechanical design engineer,
fourth dimension design company
austin, tx

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