Process diagrams - problems converting 2-D drawings

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Fri Jan 16 1998 - 07:20:57 EET

Dear RP Folks,

    A few days ago there was a request for an FDM process diagram and
some replies that indicated there is not a lot available. I took a look
at posting the drawings from my book on our Web site but I had
difficulty getting them to come out looking any good. I think the
problem may be that they were done in an obsolete drawing program
(Professional Draw) and I can only get them out as bitmaps, Windows
metafiles, TIFs, or various other formats I can't use. What I need is a
GIF or JPG. I tried using Microsoft Photo Editor (thank you Bill, free
with Office) to convert them but the results look bad when the scale is
reduced to a suitable size.

    If anyone has any ideas for how to convert these drawings, I will
post them on our Web site. Otherwise, I will eventually redraw them in a
newer drawing program that does browser-friendly output, but getting
around to that will definitely take time.

    By the way, we haven't publicised our Web site yet because it is
still being worked on. You are free to look around in it, but we expect
to have a much better one for you soon.

    Thank you to everyone for your support.

Marshall Burns

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