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Date: Sat Jan 17 1998 - 22:25:35 EET


You may already have recieved this but if not. Alumilite has a castable urethane capable of withstanding 275F in the natural state. If you ad aluminum powder the
mix you may raise the HDT considerably (no test data avialiable).

We have plated this material both with and without the filler, so I do not belive the percent of filler will matter. Our plating was done after the application of
a silver spray was applied to provide a uniformly conductive surface. I will refrain from mentioning the plating company because the cooperation recieved (when
paid) was not going to meet the needs of RP&M.

If you would like any further information please contact me.


Carl K. Dekker
(630) 584-4500

Jay Jacobs wrote:

> Does anyone know a source for a castable urethane that will meet 300 F for 1hour? Our customer will be plating the urethane casting and requires a bake cycle.
> Jay Jacobs
> Brookfield Rapid Solutions
> 13 Hampshire Drive
> Hudson, NH 03051
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