Re[2]: Point Cloud Info Needed

Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 01:57:12 EET

     At Paramount we digitize collecting point cloud data (ASCII). We
     convert to an IGS surface model using Imageware Surfacer.
     My guess is, if the originator of your STL files that you use for RP
     can create STL they can output IGS as well. Imageware is a great
     solution starting with point cloud data. Otherwise use the tools
     available in your design CAD package.
     We recently did a RapidSteel injection mold where we grew the cavity
     and core in our SLS machine from industry standard STL files.
     Concurrent with this we needed to create CNC tool paths to machine a
     very complex mold parting line. Our design engineer created the STL
     files as well as the IGS files from the same data.
     Hope this helps. Call me if you have additional questions or need our
     assistance with conversion to IGS from point cloud data.
     Kindest Regards,
     Jim Williams
     Paramount Industries, Inc.
     215.757.9611 x229
     215.757.9784 fax
     888.RPTOOLS toll free

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Subject: Re: Point Cloud Info Needed
Author: "Ingrid Timmel" <> at INTERNET
Date: 1/16/98 8:10 AM

Hi Jim,
I get STL files from SMS in Texas.
After running it on our SLA 500 we wanted to cut it on our CNC.
We use Camax to create cutter paths. The only thing I could convert to was a
point cloud and the operator of the Camax software wanted to know what points
he was dealing with.
I'm looking for a program that will turn STL into Surfaces for Camax.

Thank you,
Ingrid Timmel
Fisher Price

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