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Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 19:46:28 EET

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>Dear RP-MLer's:
>We have some reverse engineering applications where we need to go from
>point cloud
>generated STL files (from Imageware) to either a Solid model or to an
>enclosed volume (preferably a solid). Does anyone have something in
>development that might work?
>Also, what's the feasibility in going directly to a solid from a point
>cloud file?
>I understand I can go from STL to IGES and then bring an IGES surfaced file
>in to create a solid model but I was hoping for a quicker conversion with
>fewer steps.
>Thanks much,
>Glenn Whiteside
>Cessna Aircraft Company

 I assume the point cloud was created by scan data? Whoever generated the
data probably has the file on hand and could generate another format for
you, or, you can surface directly from the point cloud in Imageware without
having to create an STL first. If your end result is CNC, the person who
scanned the object should have the file on hand in which you can go directly
to that. Some scanner software will let you do basic CAD work such as punch
holes, trim, etc. right to the scan data so it might eliminate a step.
> There really is no super fast way to generate a surface, however,
Imageware has one of the better packages on the market to deal with point cloud.

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