Conspiracy of Silence?

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Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 19:11:30 EET

In a message dated 98-01-20, Dorjano Baruca writes:

Andre DOLENC wrote:

>And, yes, you can still call RP an experiment. New technologies are still
>entering the market and, except perhaps for the RP vendors themselves,
>can anyone else point out the winner?
Well! I'm ready to affirm, accordingly to Andre's opinion that automotive
industry is
also an experiment.
Anyway look at attached picture of EPSON's new marvel Epson Stylus 3D.
It's using InkJet technology to bind layers of ABS powder. It's capable to
-read carefully- a cube of 20x20x20cm in 1 hour Max. model size is
The price will be between 3000-5000 US$!

So Andre and the other non-belivers, could you explain that ?!!

(See attached file: Epson3d.jpg)

Oh, yes I forget to mention this is a prototype and the date is quite

Dorjano Baruca

Technical Manager - CAD
SRC Computers


Why is it that no one has commented on this yet, besides Michael Rees? Is
everyone dumbstruck, or is it that this is such a joke that I'm the only one
not getting it? That's happened to me before. If it's a joke, why haven't
the usual flock of verbal pigeons flown over and deposited a thick layer of
statue protectant on the perpetrator?

Sure looks like a joke to me. The picture looks a lot like an older version
of one of Epson's laser printers (exact same proportions, different skins),
and the cabinet is probably too small for the envelope size mentioned.

I must say you guys in Slovenia are really plugged into what's happening, or
are punching each other in the arm and laughing like hell.

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