Re: Gear Design

From: Mark Kottman (
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 19:10:27 EET

Robert B. Zajeski wrote:
> Let me rephrase.......automatically generate a bevel gear by inputing
> pitch, pressure angle # or teeth and pitch diameter.?????
> Bob

I-DEAS has that capability if you create a program file. I'm assuming
you don't want to have to write a program file yourself, but I'm nearly
certain someone in the I-DEAS community has already written such a
program. Probably the best way to find it would be to post this question
to the I-DEAS mailing list (send the message "info iccon-des" to, or check the web site at ). The I-DEAS users are
generally very helpful. There is also an archive of this list at I hope you can find
what you need!


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