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From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 22:36:45 EET

> 3D Systems Unveils New Cibatool(R) Faster, More Accurate, Humidity
> Resin
> (PR Newswire; 01/28/98)
> SL 5510 Enhances the Value of Stereolithography as a Time-to-Market Solution
> VALENCIA, Calif., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ 3D Systems Corporation (Nasdaq:
>TDSC) today announced the commercial availability of Cibatool SL 5510, a new
>and improved epoxy resin developed for the SLA(TM) -350 and SLA- 3500 rapid
>prototyping systems.
> SL 5510 has improved performance characteristics that include exceptional
>humidity resistance, low viscosity and high accuracy, making this resin well
>suited for master patterns and the use of 3D's QuickCast(TM) build style for
>investment casting of metal parts. Parts made from SL 5510 retain high
>strength and accuracy when exposed to high levels of humidity and, due to
>superior resistance to moisture, are suitable for water immersion
> The many strengths of SL 5510 combine in various ways to expand the
>of stereolithography. One beta site customer found that high optical clarity
>parts are easily produced using SL 5510. Along with water resistance, SL
>allows them to view fluid flowing through complex internal passages of an SL
>model and study fluid dynamics in real time.
> Another beta site customer reported major improvements over other
>resins in
>humidity resistance and downfacing surfaces. SL 5510 also exhibits excellent
>sidewall surface quality and builds parts with outstanding reproduction of
>features, a key factor when using SL to produce intricate components for
>medical devices.
> The wide process latitude of this material allows further improvements to
>productivity with the introduction of two new build styles: FAST and EXACT.
>The FAST build style produces high quality parts with no predip delay,
>resulting in up to 2.5 times faster part throughput, compared to its
>predecessor SL 5190. The EXACT build style offers exceptional accuracy
>and produces some of the most accurate parts created in rapid prototyping
> A 0.002 inch (0.05mm) layer thickness tooling style has been developed
>SL 5510. This allows superior z-resolution and surface finish, further
>extending stereolithography's utility in the generation of tooling and master
>patterns. Combined with improved high temperature performance, SL 5510
>maximizes the potential applications of stereolithography.
> "SL 5510 is another example of our aggressive resin improvement
>program and
>one more important way for us to expand the practical applications of our
>hardware, software and materials to the worldwide stereolithography user
>community. The number one goal to help users move from concept to finished
>product in record time," says Mervyn Rudgley, Director of Product Management
>for 3D Systems.
> 3D Systems also offers a Resin Upgrade Program for resin customers. This
>program offers substantial discounts on the purchase of new Cibatool
> Information about this value-added service is available from 3D Systems by
>calling 1-800-889-2964.
> 3D Systems manufactures rapid product development systems that enable

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