Thank you very much indeed

Date: Fri Jan 30 1998 - 17:34:07 EET

This was my first year with rp-ml and I have to say that I learn a lot.

I was surprised of such professionalism found in this group. Beside to
great Rapid Dude I owe a great debt of thanks to whole group, which was
willing to answer and comment my few words.

I owe you also a little analysis of what happen with EPSON 3D. I receive
exactly 198 comments. And this is a great material for an article. I will
do this in the very near future.


Dorjano Baruca

SRC Computers

>We all are indebted to Hannu Kaikonen for his having created and for his
>hosting of rp-ml which has become such an important part of our
>lives. Thank you "Rapid Dude".
>At 12:27 PM 1/30/98 +0200, you wrote:
>>Dear RP-world
>As you propably have noticed, the list has grown a lot during the past
>>years. Only 1997 we all received about 3100 messages through rp-ml. As it
>>happens, we exceeded the limit of 1000 subscribers some time ago.
>>Hannu Kaikonen (aka. Rapid Dude)
>>"owner rp-ml"
>>*Share and Enjoy!*

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