RPA/SME's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '98 Conference and Exposition

From: Leeann Starr Lane (StarLee@sme.org)
Date: Fri Jan 30 1998 - 19:39:36 EET

Just a quick note to remind you about:
 RPA/SME's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '98 Conference and
 May 19-21, 1998
 Dearborn, MI

 Here's the program at a glance-

 Tours: (All new for 1998!)
 1. Rapid Prototype Company
 2. Auburn Engineering
 3. DRS Industries
 4. Allmand Industries

 1. Fundamentals of Rapid Tooling for Plastic Parts
 2. Fundamentals of Casting Processes for the Non-Foundry Engineer
 3. Rapid Prototyping Systems Overview

 Conference Sessions:
 -Keynote Presentation
 -Industry Overview
 -Prototype Tooling for Plastic Parts I & II
 -Metal Casting Applications I & II
 -Prototype Tooling Applications for Ceramics
 -Rapid Tooling vs. Conventional Machining Applications
 -Rapid Prototyping for Electronics Manufacturing
 -Software for Rapid Prototyping and Vendor Panel
 -Applications in Virtual Prototyping
 -Prototype Tooling Applications for Sheet Metal
 -Process Development and Research Initiative I & II
 -Concept Modeling for the Engineering Office
 -Applications in Reverse Engineering
 -Vendor Panel- What is planned for 1998
 Exposition with over 125 exhibitors!

To request the final conference brochure or to register Contact SME's
Customer Service Center at 313-271-1500, ext. 629, email rapid@sme.org
or check
out our homepage at http://www.sme.org/rpa

 See you in May!!

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