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Date: Mon Feb 02 1998 - 09:29:46 EET

On Fri, 30 Jan 1998, RJ Robinson wrote:

> I am looking for some information on plating of SLA parts.Thanks in advance

we at IPA have some experience in coating RP-parts (SLA and LOM). We coat
the parts with copper, nickel, chromium. Because I am not the expert for
this area, please contact a college of mine for detailed information:

Fraunhofer Institute
Manufacturing Engineering and Automation
Patrick Markschlaeger
Nobelstrasse 12
D-70569 Stuttgart
phone: +49(0)711-970-1209
fax: +49(0)711-970-1004

A article deals with "Thin metal and metal oxide films deposited by the
anodic vacuum arc technique", but not especially with plating of RP-parts.
You can find the article in:

Surface and Coatings Technology 86-87(1996) p. 279-284


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