Automatic Tool Path Generation

From: Brent Stucker (
Date: Mon Feb 02 1998 - 16:10:29 EET

I have heard about software packages that use STL files to generate tool
paths automatically. Is anyone familiar with commercially available software
that can be used for that purpose?

What I need is a way to automatically create tool paths for finish machining
(where you use RP to make a near-net shape part and CNC to finish the
part to tolerance). I am working on an approach whereby you use SLS to
create a part that is slightly larger than the desired final product and then use
an STL file to create tools paths for finish machining. I can envision an
approach where you could use a "beam-offset" method for creating the tool
paths (much like you would use for laser beam width compensation on a SLS or
SLA machine) and start out, say, 30 thousandths of an inch from the final
desired dimensions and work in at 5 thousandths increments.

If someone knows of some currently available tools that could help me out, I'd
be appreciative. Otherwise, I'll have to create my own software tools.


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