Re: Automatic Tool Path Generation

From: Bert VandenBerg (
Date: Mon Feb 02 1998 - 22:31:46 EET

Let me offer a couple corrections to my previous Email. I forgot Matra,
and misnamed Delcam's product. Sorry for any confusion.

Bert VandenBerg wrote:
> I looked for this kind of capability at Autofact '97. Some programs
> you might want to look into:
  Delcam's PowerMill/CopyCad programs
> Cimitron's CAM systems
> VERO's VisiCAM
> Tebis AG's Tebis 3.0
  MatraDataVision CAD/CAM system

> In my opinion all have good capabilities for importing, and machining
> from facetted models like STL or DXF files. They generally offer
> a variety of cutting strategies so that surface finish and
> machining time can be traded off as required.
> Additionally some major CAM systems do 3axis machining from a
> facetted model, but may not be able to directly import a facetted
> model.
> Hymarc makes a scanner, whose data can be easily polygonized. This
> offers our customers a route to CNC tooling that avoids the
> 'classic' surface reconstruction step (thus my interest in the
> subject).

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