3D 4.1.1 Buildstation Software

From: Stacie L. Van Dorin (stacie@solidconcepts.com)
Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 11:59:50 EET

When using partman version 1.8 with build station 4.1.1:

1) Are you running 4.1.1 on an SLA 500, SLA 350, SLA 3500 or SLA 5000?

2) Are you using 3D System default partman 1.8 part styles or custom part

3) What type of resin are you using?

My experiences in working with partman version 1.8 and build station 4.1.1
(Running on an SLA 500 with SL5410 resin) or partman 1.9 and build station
1.8, I have experienced no build problems as long as the "Class=" line in
the part style you are using is not "ACES". I set it to UNKNOWN.

I upgraded my partman 1.8 to partman 1.9 due to a detrimental bug with the
Quick Cast software. Partman 1.9 has a new QuickCast build style, other than
that I don't see any great advantages from using the 1.9 software. The
Slicing and Converging algorithms seem slower than 1.8, but I have not
performed any time test.

Build station software 4.1.1 is nice. I am running it on a pentium computer
with NT version 3.51. The only problems I have experienced with 4.1.1 is:

1) The maximum smart laser power is 600 mW and we have not been able to work
around it.

2) Every time you abort a build, the software turns off the laser. You can
work around this by editing the WinSLA (an Icon) properties and changing the
command line to "c:\winsla\winsla.exe /laseron", but then your laser never
automatically shut off, you have to manually (through the software) turn the
laser off. The downfall is that if a build finished in the middle of the
night your laser is on all night or you need to go into work and shut the
laser off.

3) I use NT 4.0, and hate NT 3.51

4) When you pause a build, the "Restart" box and "on layer" line update to
the next layer. This is a recent discovery and it does not happen all the
time. I am still analizing the problem.
Stacie Van Dorin
Stereolithography Lab Supv.
Solid Concepts
28231 Ave. Crocker, Unit #10
Valencia, CA 91355

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