SLA250 Problem

From: Andrzejewski, Jan (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 14:08:00 EET

 Deon de Beer, your problem seems similar to one of my experiences on the

First check the STL file message, when using 3dverify look at the VMF of all
12 items if only one of them has a degenerate shell then the build will stop
when trying to cross hatch that shell.

The SLA350 pre 4.1.1 would always stop at the layer thro' the degenerate
shell with a message of
'unexpected section' and abort the build.

Preview the build would pick it up but this takes some time.

SLA350 Post 4.1.1 may check this out with its build file verification I have
not checked this one out.

Because the SLA250 has the hatch vectors in its build file there should be
something in the slice message file.

Check both your Verify messages and Slicing messages.

By the way if you verify your file from within Maestro then even though the
VMF message says the file is Good it is still wise to view all the VMF files
because presence of a degenerate shell for some reason does not register as
a BAD file.

Jan Andrzejewski
RP Operation Manager

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