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From: Masuo Namme (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 11:03:04 EET

Jim Williams wrote;

> What is a true solid model? Does that imply that the file when
> ported to Pro/E is a full parametric model like a native Pro/E file
> is?
> Is there anyone on the east coast (PA geographic area) using CT with
> this software capabilitiy?
> Appreciate any feedback.


Also I much appreciate if someone can advise whether there're people who use
this kind of process for the industry other than medical use.
Here in Japan, there're still a lot of tool makers who use the hand made
wooden or clay models and reverse them.
I just wonder if we can use image3 like reverse technology for this kind of
old process.
If CT scanner is too expensive, please forget. We just stay in the hospital


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