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Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 16:53:59 EET

     Constructing molds (cavity and cores) by reverse engineering via
     digital data collected from touch probe and/or laser have been used in
     the US by toolmakers, patternmakers and modelmakers since the 1980's.
     All of the projects we have done at our company have been consumer and
     industrial products. Applications ranged from toy, collectibles,
     medical devices, promotional, industrial and many more. Since 1986
     when we purchased our first digitizing process (Sharnoa CNC with a
     Reneshaw probe) all of our projects were intended for tooling or an
     aid to build a tool.
     CAUTION: You do not need an intermediate software to convert
     collected data for CNC machining output. CNCs are driven by simple
     XYZ coordinate positions. After we collect the data from the
     digitizing copy master we insert, from the keyboard, G & M codes which
     control the CNC. Introduction of intermediate software to Direct
     Numerically Control (DNC) your CNC adds little value to the CNC
     Hope this helps to answer your questions.
     Kindest regards,
     Jim Williams
     Paramount Industries, Inc.
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Subject: RE: Velocity2 Service Bureaus
Author: "Masuo Namme" <> at INTERNET
Date: 2/5/98 8:10 PM

Jim Williams wrote;
> What is a true solid model? Does that imply that the file when
> ported to Pro/E is a full parametric model like a native Pro/E file
> is?
> Is there anyone on the east coast (PA geographic area) using CT with
> this software capabilitiy?
> Appreciate any feedback.
Also I much appreciate if someone can advise whether there're people who use
this kind of process for the industry other than medical use.
Here in Japan, there're still a lot of tool makers who use the hand made
wooden or clay models and reverse them.
I just wonder if we can use image3 like reverse technology for this kind of
old process.
If CT scanner is too expensive, please forget. We just stay in the hospital
                            Masuo Namme
                       Director Marketing
                      Shonan Design CoLtd
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