RE: Short run tooling...with FDM ABS models

From: Yakov Horenstein (
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 11:18:50 EET

At 3:28 PM +0800 11/2/98, DAN DAVIS, RAPID PROTOTYPE wrote:

>You do mean investment casting wax (ICW), not ABS, right?

I have also heard that ABS parts from the FDM machine are suitable as
investment casting masters, though I have not seen any examples. In Germany
some work has been done on this. A brief hint appeared in an article
published last year by by Karl-Heinz Dusel of the U. of Stuttgart (IKP) on
RP and Investment casting, which says (our German colleagues should
translate more accurately) that research done in Baden-Württemberg,
Germany, shows that ABS parts leave very little residual ash when burned:

Untersuchungen im Rahmen eines vom Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg
geförderten Forschungsprojekts haben ergeben, daß das für den FDM-Prozeß
verbreitetere ABS für den Ausbrennprozeß aufgrund seines niedrigen
Restascheanteils sowie der niedrigen Schmelztemperatur ebenfalls geeignet

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