RE: Short run tooling...with FDM ABS models

Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 12:07:15 EET

Hi Michael,

> No, I think he is not talking of wax. We are also using FDM ABS for
> investment
> casting. We casted parts from very small up to very big ones
> (gearboxes) and
> did not crack one shell. There is just the trick to build the parts in
> the FDM process like quick cast parts.
        I will be in Malaysia at the beginning of April. So if you are
interested we
> can perhaps meet personally and discuss the Problem.
Actually that would not be necessary as this is just a discussion -- I'm
a currently LOM & SLA user and not interested in purchasing other
equipment. However I have used FDM, SLS & SGC in the past (about 3
years ago) so naturally still interested in all RP. I was not aware of
a "quickcast-esque" build style for the FDM. Is the material usage low
enough to justify using the ABS (expensive at around US$4.70 a cubic
inch last year) versus the assumably cheaper wax? Or is it simply a
speed issue? Is this style applicable across the Stratasys line or only
certain machines?

As far as coming to Malaysia, feel free to call me. I don't mind
showing off my lab and then talking RP over a few cold ones!

> Dan Davis
> Division Head, RP&M
> Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON)
Hicom Industrial Estate
Batu 3 PO Box 7100
Shah Alam, Selangor D. E.
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