Re: Autodesk / IGES problems

From: Phil Orenstein (
Date: Fri Feb 13 1998 - 08:44:02 EET

Bill Seil wrote:
> I haven't been keeping up with AutoDesk products but:
> I think the problem you are having with "Good" IGES files is:
> the creator
> the complexity of the geometry
> not using true SOLIDS
> I was under the impression that AutoCAD creates wireframe based geometry
> (like chicken wire). It is not a TRUE SOLID geometry representation,
> they say its a solid but....
> I've also heard that Mechanical Desktop latsest version works in solids.
> I would create it in Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, SolidWorks, or other
> solids based programs and see if you get different results.
> -Bill Seil
As a user of Mechanical Desktop (MDT), I want to clear this up. MDT has
always produced 3D solids, actually parametric solids. It comes with the
IGES translator. I have heard that many engineers don't completely trust
IGES. MDT and AutoCAD come with STL file export. You can create flawless
Stl files from AutoCAD solids if you do it correctly, but Stl file
aren't parametric. There is software available to manipulate and change
Stl files (eg. Materialize - ) There is a new
universal translator, STEP, that CAD vendors across the board will be
promoting for interchanging 3D solid data with parametrics.

Hope this information helps.

                        Phil Orenstein

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