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From: Karl Denton (karldenton@ameritech.net)
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 17:31:03 EET

Hello All,

The story you are about to read happened a couple of days ago and I
though it was kind of humorous...

I had recently obtained my amateur radio license ( KC8JFE for those out
there that care) and while home sick one day I thought I'd make a few
contacts. While speaking to some one on his way home from work he
mentioned that he was an engineer at a local firm that did work for
Chrysler. I let him know that I too was an engineer and where I worked,
he then said..."hey, I just learned about this cool new process last
week that I've got to tell you about...it's called stereolithography" I
let him know that I had heard about it and in talking to him I realized
that his excitement over the process was rekindling some of the early
enthusiasm that I once had. We ended up talking about the industry
until he arrived at his home (about a 30 minute conversation).

It turns out that he needed to find a service bureau because the
machines at Chrysler were backed up and he was running out of time (he
had already been given a list so don't send me recommendations please)
I've got to say that with all of the talk about the industry slowing
down I wonder if it's because the manufactures and SB's have just run
out of the easy sales and don't know how to get to that next level?

Anyway, I though the story was kind of cool...

One other note..While attending the 3DSLAUG a few folks that I spoke to
commented about the "spelling incident" last year the caused such a
ruckus. The gist of the comments were that they were now reluctant to
submit anything to the RP-ML because of what happened. What a shame!

Karl R. Denton

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