Plastic coating for Actua parts

From: Bengt Ivarsson (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 12:03:45 EEST

Hello list
A while ago, it was suggested that coating actua parts with a certain
plastic spray would make them more durable. I havenīt been able to find
out more about it. Could anyone please describe the product so I can
check whether it is available in my neck of the woods. Product name,
manufacturer, type of material etc would me much appreciated.

Also, a good (but still not perfect) way of transporting actua parts is
by using sawdust or -chip in combination with larger pieces of foam,
chips etc. Fill the box tight with it, making sure the parts are
surrounded by fine sawdust/woodchip.

/Bengt I
Electrolux RD
Huskvarna Sweden

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