RE: Pro-E and .stl files

From: Lin Liutong (liutong@TP.AC.SG)
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 03:47:34 EEST

Dear Lists

We could definitely convert Pro-E part file to .stl files, but is
there anyway that convert .stl file back Pro-E file?

I could not find the way, can anyone tell me? I have tried to convert
STL file into IGS, then Pro-E, but this could only get wireframe (Even
worse, this wireframe is very confusing), rather then Solid. Is there
anyway which can achieve this?

Sometimes, I have to do some modification to STL file, but as we know,
STL file is very hard to be modified. ( Within my knowledge, STL file
could only be done some simple cut and maybe add some simple feature,
e.g.. hole and square). and Pro-E could easily to handle its solid

PS. Thank you for the warm response to my previous email. :-:)

Best Regards

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From: Scott \"Scooter\" Sutterer <>[SMTP:Scott
\"Scooter\" Sutterer <>]
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 1998 12:30 AM
Subject: Pro-E and .stl files

I have found that when I make a .stl file on Pro-E (using a SGI ) is
takes RAM and never returns it. This forces all processing to use
swap. The only cure I have found is to exit Pro-E and pull the part
back in. Anybody have a solution to avoid this. I have also tried
clear all the parts out of memory in Pro-E and this does not work

Scott "Scooter" Sutterer
Premier Design & Mfg. Co.
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