Re: Ciba 5220 SLA resin

Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 16:33:52 EEST

I had the opportunity of Beta testing the SL5220 in our SLA250/50 and was
completely satisfied with the outcome. We have two SLA250/50s and were
running SOMOS 7110 in one and SL5170 in the other. We know what "gummy
parts" are all about.

The SL5220 is remarkable. It is almost 50% faster than SL5170. Post
processing seems to be faster, easier and cleaner. It drains almost all of
its resin off the part while sitting on the platform. I have come in the
morning to clean parts that finished 6 or 8 hours the night before only to
find them near dry. I remove them from the platform (which has been and
still remains super easy, supports included) slightly wipe it down with a
paper towel (no tackiness, as you would have with SOMOS 7110 and SL5170)
and rinse them off for 2-3 minutes in TPM followed by 1-2 minutes water
rinse, then air dry and PCA. TPM last a lot longer with less tank changes
for fresh TPM.

We found that the sidewalls came out consistently with a smoother finish.
The parts are easy to work with, file, sand paper, etc. and also found they
are more brittle than the SL5170.

If you or anyone else should have any questions regarding the SL5220, feel
free to contact me.

Good Luck.

Dave Oblak
Mech Designer/RP
Beckman/Coulter Inc.
Miami, Fl

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Subject: Ciba 5220 SLA resin

Greetings RP-ML,

We are considering changing from Ciba 5170 to the Ciba 5220 resin in our
SLA250/40 machine. Before we do, we'd like to get some feed back from
current users.

Does this resin live up to the claims?
Are build times significantly faster?
Does it post cure like the 5170 without becoming gummy?
Are side wall finishes actually better?
How well do these parts finish off?
Do the supports remove easily?

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