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From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Mon Sep 28 1998 - 21:49:02 EEST

>Can we all go back and read the "general guidelines/list etiquette" and
>arguing about cad-packages, non-informative advertisement etc?

The little discussion about CAD, etc has taught me alot about various CAD
packages from experienced users. This list exists to help aid all
participants in learning more about RP issues and CAD is VERY much apart of
our environment. Strong opinions are very much appreciated but not in the
hostile range. As for advertisements....well my trash can works wonders
and fills up regularly. I HATE unsolicited attachments dumped to my desktop
such as above and SMALL HYPERTEX messages that are UNREADABLE and
completely useless. Squinting causes crows feet and you know how we women
feel about that.


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