Re: SL5220 vs SL5170

Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 17:04:59 EET

Dear "Mr. Scooter",

If there was ONE resin that did everything under the sun, I think it would
be in everyones machine today. Being a beta site for the SL5220 resin and
working with it for over six months, I know that this particular resin has
met our criteria for usage of SLA parts. It has good qualities and then not
so good. But then, don't all resins operate this way. So if you're one of
those band wagon leapers, find out what your specific needs are first (do
some homework) and then make a decision. Who knows, maybe then you can get
on this list and boast about your discoveries!


Dave Oblak
Mech Designer/RP
Beckman/Coulter Inc.
Miami, Fl

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Subject: SL 5220 vs SL 5170

Recently some of you have been boasting the resin SL 5220 about its
speed and how much easier it makes part cleanup. It made me want to
jump on the band wagon and change resins. Yesterday I pulled up the
spec sheet and noticed the resin was lacking in a few areas including
elongation at break 8.3% compared to 7-19% and glass defection temp as
low as 115 F. Have these numbers been a issue yet in breaking parts
during sanding during cleanup, snap fits, and shipping? I also have
not seen or heard anything about the moisture resistance of the SL
5220. Can anyone put some light on these issues for me?


Scott "Scooter" Sutterer
Premier Design & Mfg. Co.
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