ASTM D256 Standard

From: Brandon R. Ferguson (
Date: Fri Dec 04 1998 - 18:50:56 EET

Greetings List,

For those "materials" people out there:

   * has the ASTM D256 standard (Impact Resistance of Plastics and
     Electrical Insulating Materials) been updated since 1983?
   * is there an RP industry accepted specimen for the above
     (Charpy) test?

        * note that the 1983 standard only refers to specimens
          fabricated by moulding, compression moulding, and
          sheet products.

   * is there an RP industry accepted set of orientations for such
   * is there anything I have missed?

I will be building the above specimens on a Cubital 4600 machine (SGC),
and would be interested in others who may have done this with specimens
fabricated on other machines.

Any and all responses are deeply appreciated.

Best Regards,

Brandon R. Ferguson
University of Calgary
    t:(403) 220-4147

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