Re: 5220 resin

Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 21:31:00 EET

What is your Ec and Dp. I beta tested this material for 3 months with out
any problem. This material is the best ever from a beta program that I have
seen.. Also, what is the styles you are using? If you like you can call me
at (305) 380-3806 in the states and I will try to help you. The problem
seems to be local for you and not and overall problem. I think this bad
publicity is not proper until the problem is solved. It may not be the
resin but a style or geometry issue. I have modified my styles a bit to
make better parts and my Ec is about 8.5 and my Dp is about 5.6. I have 2
machines running this and both Ec and Dp are around this range.

Guy Bourdeau
Beckman Coulter
11800 SW 147th Ave. M/C: 12-A02
Miami, FL. 33196-2500
Phone (305) 380-3806
Fax (305) 380-4571

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