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Actify's 3D View Adds Supports for Viewing Native Parasolid Models
(Business Wire; 01/14/99)

SAN FRANCISCO (Jan. 14) BUSINESS WIRE -Jan. 14, 1999--Actify's 3D View(tm),
the leading 3D CAD/CAM viewer now supports viewing Parasolid's native
format. This marks another milestone in Actify's ongoing mission to support
the viewing, measurement and markup of pure native 3D CAD file formats.

Unigraphics Solutions' (NYSE:UGS) Parasolid(tm) is the kernel modeler in
many of the leading CAD systems including, ProDesktop(tm) by Parametric
Technologies (NASDAQ:PMTC), MicroStation Modeler by Bentley Systems, Solid
Edge(tm) and Unigraphics(tm) both by Unigraphics Solutions and SolidWorks
by the SolidWorks Corporation.

Parasolid is also used as the kernel modeler for numerous CAM systems. 3D
View can be used to view Parasolid models generated by any system that
exports native Parasolid. Since Parasolid is the core geometric modeler of
many design and manufacturing systems, 3D View facilitates the sharing of
3D data among many different users.

According to Dr. Cristiano Sacchi, Actify's vice president of software
development, "The design and manufacturing industry is transitioning from
using 2D drawings as design documents to paperless 3D CAD models, because a
3D representation provides a more natural and intuitive medium to consume
and communicate design information."

He further pointed out, "The recent pervasiveness of desktop 3D graphics
has enabled Actify to deliver powerful yet very affordable 3D viewing
products to a large customer base consisting of both engineers and
non-engineers. 3D View makes viewing 3D models as easy as using a word

Mark Gisi, Actify's director of marketing, commented, "Parasolid
compatibility is strategic to our business since Parasolid is the dominant
kernel in the fast- growing mid-range CAD market. One simply needs to look
at the Parasolid customer list to understand their position in the market."
About Actify

Actify is the leader in delivering powerful yet very affordable 3D CAD/CAM
viewing technologies to the aerospace, automotive, medical, design and
manufacturing industries. It is a privately held company located in San
Francisco. To obtain additional information on Actify and its products or
to download a free evaluation copy of 3D View, visit Actify's Internet web
site at http://www.actify.com. Product press release images can also be
downloaded from http://www.actify.com/Press/pr011499.html. About Parasolid

As well as being used in UGS' Unigraphics and Solid Edge products,
Parasolid is also licensed by a majority of the leading vendors of
mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE software. Licensees of Parasolid include Parametric
Technology, SolidWorks Corporation, a subsidiary of Dassault Systemes SA
Technologies (NASDAQ:DASTY), Ansys, Mechanical Dynamics, MacNeal-Schwendler
and Bentley Systems, among others.

Parasolid delivers an interoperable data pipeline allowing Parasolid-based
systems to share and exchange data without translation. Systems on the
Parasolid pipeline have a rapidly growing share of both the high-end and
mainstream mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE markets with currently more than 120
organizations licensing Parasolid and more than 70 Parasolid-based products
shipped or announced. Visit http://www.parasolid.com for more information.

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CONTACT: Actify Mark Gisi, 415/647-6504



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