Re: Anyone with Actua problems?

From: Steve Upcraft (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 11:18:07 EET


I replied to such a similar posting late last year and subsequently
received several comments wanting to know if I'm paid by 3D Systems -
the answer is I am definitely NOT paid or supported by 3D, but please
judge for yourself....

Our Actua arrived in January 1998, following its installation it ran
fine for about a month. The next 3 months or so were hell, numerous
print head failures were interspersed with holes in pipes, broken
cables, cooling fan failures, vac pump problems etc. etc. My team
worked very closely with the 3D support engineers, the engineers were
excellent - they always resolved the problem, they did it with smile
and they were professional in the way they dealt with some tense

Eventually between us we resolved the problem and for us its been very
simple indeed...
1. Get the machine fully operational to your satisfaction.
2. DO NOT turn the power supply off, leave the toggle switch on the
right hand side of the cabinet on permanently.

Since late summer of '98 we have had excellent reliability out of the
Actua and it has built some first class components.

Hope this helps, if you need anything more specific let me know.



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> I own two Actuas and cannot believe I am the only one encountering
> weekly
> failures and excessive waits for repair and replacement parts. If
> anyone has
> encountered similar problems with their machines, please, PLEASE
> respond
> directly to me in an effort to classify whether this problem is unique
> to my
> operation or are fundamental problem in the machines themselves.
> Steve Chapman
> Gentle Giant Studios
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