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From: Steve Farentinos (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 16:33:30 EET

Dear RP-ML

I did an accuracy study more than a year ago. I had planned to publish the
results, but since it appears this will not happen, I have uploaded the study to
PML's web site. You can view it at

As you can see from my results, none of the parts were within a GA of nominal. :)

Alain BERNARD wrote:

> Dear RP colleagues,
> I am also interested in all comparison points, selection criteria between
> RP technologies and rapid product development processes.
> If any ideas on these topics, please let me know !
> At this time, I am working on a CAPP system for rapid prototyping. I am
> also working on the design of a (different ?) reference part(s) in order to
> qualify RP processes. In parallel, my students are developping a CAPP
> system (simulation, validation, automatic generation of positions and
> paths) for 3D laser scanning in order to be able to facilitate and
> standardize the measurement of 3D complexe parts produced using RP processes.
> Thank you for your replies.
> Best Regards,
> Prof. A. BERNARD
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